Board of Trustees


After the inaugural season in 1973, the SLLMF became a non-profit corporation with the stated purpose of presenting high quality chamber music to the people of Western Maine through concerts, outreach and educational programming. A volunteer board of trustees was elected as the corporation’s governing body. This board was and continues to be a truly volunteer, working group. The SLLMF is administered by a devoted board which is responsible for fund-raising, publicity and ticket sales, concert operations, and housing and travel arrangements for the musicians.

Officers and Trustees
President – Barbara Graustein
Vice President – Carol J. Madsen
Secretary – Rebecca Richard
Treasurer – Lee Martell Bearse
Music Director – Mihae Lee

Ted Gerber
Robert Keith
Anne Powell
Susan Pundt
Doreen Blanc Rockstrom
Will Silvers
Homer Pence, Honorary Trustee
Lieselotte Willoughby, Honorary Trustee
Laurie Kennedy, Music Director Emerita

Why We Think SLLMF is a Fantastic Organization!

Carol Amaya, former Trustee
“Experiencing live, world-class musical performances of chamber music so close to home is important to me. I joined the Board so that I could help the Festival to grow, giving others, especially the youth of our community, the opportunity to experience this wonderful music in an intimate setting.”

Barbara Pollak, former Trustee
“As a long-time Board member I worked year-round to accomplish our mission of bringing world class chamber music to the people of the lakes region of Maine. One of my great joys is to provide artist housing over the season, and thus I have made many friends from the world of chamber music.”

Barbara Graustein, Treasurer
“We are known for bringing top musicians from all over the country to perform live music in a culturally underserved area, on a modest budget, using strong volunteer help. We are appreciated by sophisticated listeners at Deertrees as well as newcomers to classical music at children’s programs, churches and outlying communities.”

Lieselotte Willoughby, Former President, Trustee
“Our great success story is the move to Deertrees Theatre. Our audiences find the combination of classical music in a rustic setting unbelievably beautiful. We took a chance on Deertrees in 1993 when there were holes in the roof and seats chewed up by porcupines. We brought our faithful audience to Deertrees and have remained an anchor there for more than 20 years through the rebirth of an amazing summer theatre.”

Faith Towle, Vice President, Music Lover, and Forest Lover
“The Festival provides beautiful classical music played by first-class professional musicians in a rural Maine venue, a rustic, old, wooden theater in a lovely wooded setting. We are devoted to the preservation and restoration of Maine’s treasures. Deertrees is surely one of them! In addition our mission is to bring the joys of chamber music to a largely underserved area of Western Maine.”

Laurie Kennedy, former Music Director
“This Festival has been called “a hidden jewel in the woods of Maine”. Our musicians, whether at Deertrees Theatre, the LOOK kids program, or a local church, perform with precision, zest and joy which are infectious. Over the next few years, I would like us to become “a sparkling jewel” easily visible to local people, tourists and music lovers far beyond.”

Robert Keith, Trustee

“Although this organization has been very successful in presenting wonderful concerts and keeping costs low for over 40 years, we had not had the resources to invest in establishing an effective internet presence. A grant from the Quimby Family Foundation a few years ago made this possible, allowing us to communicate more efficiently with our existing supporters and to reach out more effectively to others who might be attracted to our concerts and willing to support us in ways that would encourage our long-term survival.”

Jeffrey Roberts, Past President
“As a patron of the Festival for over 25 years and now as recent past board president, I would say that the word “dedication” most eloquently describes our board, each member of whom dedicates his or her particular talents to ensuring our continued success, whether it be the quality of our programming, our sound financial stability, our reputation for excellence, or our outstanding image in the Lakes Region community.”