Sebago-Long Lake Music Festival Concert Archive

Welcome to the Sebago-Long Lake Music Festival concert archive. The archive comprises the who (artists), what (composer and work) and when (concert date) for the series. In addition, concert notes are available for some works. You will see “Program Notes” pop up if you hover your mouse over the name of such a work, and clicking on the name will take you to the notes themselves.

There are three basic kinds of pages:

Two additional pages let you find artists by the instrument (role) they play and works by the instruments (roles) involved. So, for example, you can find all the violists that have appeared at the Festival in the Instruments:Artists page. And you can find all the works that have been performed at the Festival that involve a viola in the Instruments:Works page. Note that a string quartet would be listed under each of Violin, Viola and Cello.

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